Maxton Group provides world class service and program management to every client and product development project. From the very beginning you’ll work with a highly responsive project team dedicated to communications and customer care.

Using state of the art design software Maxton Group design engineers work with your accessory team's concepts to produce 2D and 3D computer models. Consideration is taken from aesthetics, ergonomics, environment, safety and special features standpoint. Rapid prototypes are made and additional Prototypes will be supplied through various stages of the development process to allow the customer to approve design work and the final production product.

At Maxton Group, quality is of the utmost importance throughout the research, development, procurement and management of all programs. Maxton Group, as well as our partners, are TS16949 / ISO9001-2000 compliant. Due in large part to continuous research into new and original materials and processes, Maxton Group is in the vanguard of product development with expanded interior and exterior product designs and manufacturing capabilities. Our adept staff of engineers utilizes the latest in precision design technologies, including laser scanning techniques that accurately and reliably translate the complex geometry of modern automotive interior and exterior components into usable CAD data.

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